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The Naked Hands - RGB Bundle

by The Naked Hands

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A particular RGB color space is defined by the three chromaticities of the red, green, and blue additive primaries, and can produce any chromaticity that is the triangle defined by those primary colors.

Contains all 30 songs released by The Naked Hands:

Red LP (Vinyl + CD + Download)
Green EP Deluxe (CD + Bonus CD with 5 Bonus Tracks)
Blue EP (includes 5 Bonus Tracks)

Red LP:

A Side
01 German Car
02 The Fire
03 The Ones That Can’t Be Bored
04 Red Morning Sun
05 Christ//Panic

B Side
06 The Two (Born Again)
07 Ready Set Go
08 The New Monster
09 Idols


1. Tired Of Being Me
2. Blow Up
3. I Tried To Like You But I Can't
4. Mole
5. Input//Output
6. Horse

Green BONUS:

1. Broken Bones
2. A A A A A A A A
3. Outta My Way
4. I Hate People When They're Not Polite
5. Can't Hide In Your Lie


1. The One
2. How Does It Feel In A Brainwashed Head?
3. Soon
4. Last Train Home
5. True Love Is Dead

Blue Bonus:

6. Paranoid
7. Sick Of It All
8. She's In Danger
9. My Door
10. Red Bloodcell